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Senior software developer with many years of consulting experience

I want to be a colleague whose excellent reputation is based on analytic skills, a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach, creativity and a broad knowledge of software development. These serve to create sofware which empowers its users to be effective and work hassle-free.

This is my "mission statement" as of now, and indeed I am looking for new opportunities. While I am currently most knowledgeable about the .NET technology stack, I am open to other stacks - with time it becomes apparent that it is not so much the tech but the people commanding it who make things happen.

If you want to get an idea of how I code, I invite you to visit my public repositories at github. My answers on should give you some idea of my analytical abilities, knowledge and rethorical skills. Some of my code is made available as Nuget packages, see my profile here. My website should not remain unmentioned, with countless blog posts:

If you need more info, condensed in document form, I invite you to download my CV:

Here you find scanned versions of my references (albeit in German) and other relevant documents: